NATO official speaks to military students

For FOX 31's good news of the day for Thursday, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) official stopped by the Turner Job Corps in hopes of leaving an impression on students.

Students enrolled in the Military Readiness Program were graced by the presence of NATO Colonel Lopez Carter.

Carter, who is stationed in Brussels, Belgium, is from the southwest Georgia area. He says he has a similar background to the students and feels he can provide inspiration to their life's journey.

During his speech, he talked about his road to success and how students can prepare for life in the military. The official says it didn't take much to get him back to the area.

"I like to take advantage of opportunities to speak to young kids to offer them a perspective from a different perspective than they heard before," said NATO officer and U.S. Army Colonel Lopez Carter.

Carter says he encourages the students to be all that they can be.