Nativity drive-through depicts the life of Jesus

Nativity drive-through in Tifton. / Jessica Fairley

Carpenter Road Church in Tifton is taking a unique approach at teaching people the reason for the season.

In our modern day society many people like to get things on the go and to suit the demands of a fast pace society, the Carpenter Road Church is teaching the life of Jesus through a real-life nativity drive-through.

Friday through Saturday night cars can drive through a set of scenes depicting the life of Jesus.

From beginning to end each scene is heavily detailed.

In addition to the more than 100 actors, there are live cows, sheep, llamas and even donkeys on scene. Christmas carolers can also be heard as you drive through.

Mary and Joseph can be spotted walking to Jerusalem; while just a few paces away an older Jesus can be seen on his way to Damascus.

The drive-through bible lesson ends with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

The pastor Carpenter Road Church says this was one way to teach the masses about the life Jesus

"We're just excited to offer this as our thank you to the community and it's just our way of wishing everyone a merry Christmas," said Salone Green, Pastor of Carpenter Road Church.

The drive through will be open Saturday night from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The event is free to public.

Carpenter Road Church is located at 40 Carpenter Road in Tifton, Georgia.

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