Native American culture highlighted in festival

Native Americans perform during the Grand Entry ceremony. / Jessica Fairley

People came from all over the nation came to Albany, Georgia to participate in Chehaw's Annual Native American Festival.

Patrons of the event had the chance to learn about how native tribes lived in the past and present.

There were teepees set up for viewing and booths to buy trinkets and nick-knacks.

Chehaw event organizers say southwest Georgia has a deep history in Native American culture and having this festival is one way to keep their history alive.

"Chehaw park got its name from the Chehaw Indians which were a group of lower Creek Indians, who at one time had three villages right here in the Albany area. So that's the cultural history of the land and the original people that were here. I think it's important to remember the roots," says Ben Kirkland, Chehaw Natural Resources Manager.

Chehaw has been hosting the Native American Festival since 1990.