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      National Weather Service issues Tornado Warning

      The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning. Seek shelter immediately.

      The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado WARNING for Miller County until 4:08 AM.

      Here are some things to remember in the event of a tornado.

      If you hear a "Tornado Warning", seek safety immediately.

      Indoors - Abandon mobile homes, they are not safe even when tied down. Go to a designated shelter. Go to a basement or interior room on the lowest floor. Cover yourself with a mattress or blanket. If you have time, gather prescription medications, wallet and keys. Do not open windows.

      If you are in a vehicle, leave the vehicle for a sturdy shelter. Do not hide under overpasses, they provide no shelter. As a last-resort, lie flat in a ditch.

      If you are outdoors, lie flat in a ditch, cover your head and find something to hang on to.