National Guard does more than you might think

Brigadier General Joe Jarrard spoke at the Dougherty County Rotary Club. / Sean Streicher

The Georgia National Guard serves both the state and the federal government.

The GA National Guard Commander, Brigadier General Joe Jarrard, was in Albany Tuesday and spoke about some of the things the National Guard does for the state.

BG Jarrard talked about their homeland response force that is set to respond to biological and nuclear disasters.

He also spoke about a program they run that helps high school drops outs become productive citizens.

"We bring a lot more to the state than that, not to include the budget that we bring to the state, and we're a pretty good return on investment with a budget of over $100 million," said BG Jarrard.

Of course the Georgia National Guard also provides support for the active duty Army, and is set to deploy 3,000 members to Afghanistan over the next 18 months.

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