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      National Day of Prayer

      Less than a week after the country's number one terror suspect was captured, American's stopped for a National Day of Prayer.

      Hundreds showed up to the event on Thursday at Albany's Government Center. Some stayed for the entire service, while others just took a quick moment to say a prayer before heading back to work.

      One of the organizers for the ceremony said this is a dire time for prayer in our country.

      "The natural disaster that we suffered through, the earthquakes, the tornado, I think all of those are reminders that we need to be praying," said event co-chair Wanda Mitchell.

      Speakers approached the podium with words of inspiration as people sat at full attention.

      The ceremony only lasted an hour, but organizers are expecting it to leave a lasting impression.

      "The thing I'd most want them to hold on to is our dependence on God and on each other," said Mitchell.

      After the ceremony, volunteers passed out prayer cards and tiny heart reminders for people to remember to pray. Most people took the gifts, but Dr. Charles Rouse said he didn't need the reminder.

      "Many years ago when the Lord saved my soul, I became a prayer warrior and it's like a pray without ceasing," said Dr. Rouse, "I see this or think about that and I pray for it."

      This was the 18th Annual Prayer ceremony for the city of Albany.