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      Nasty stomach bug floating around Georgia

      Georgians should be on high alert because there's a nasty stomach bug floating around, and the symptoms are nothing to take lightly.

      David Gamache like many other parents knows the importance of teaching his children to be conscience of their health.

      "They need to take that second step and ensure what they put in their mouth and in their bodies is clean," said Gamache.

      He says his goal as a parent is not only teaching, but preventing the problem before it starts so his kids don't catch a nasty stomach bug.

      David Gamache says, "we want to make sure that everything is clean and that they're not putting the harmful bacteria in their body those trips to the doctors aren't always fun."

      Lessons he says will only help them in the long run.

      "Even though the packages say they've been washed, we take that extra precaution and do it a second time."

      Which is why the Southwest Georgia Public Health Department has announced the nationwide outbreak of Cyclosporiasis.

      Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins, with the Public Health Department says, "it's part of a multi-state outbreak."

      Currently there are more than 100 cases combined in eleven states, and two confirmed in Georgia, Dr. jacqueline Jenkins says avoiding the infection only takes one simple step.

      "The only real good protection right now is trying avoid contaminated fruits and vegetables and the one thing we can do thoroughly wash the fresh produce that we're getting," Jenkins.

      The Southwest Georgia Public Health Department says if you feel as though you may have the infection, you should look out for these symptoms: watery diarrhea, weight loss, bloating, fatigue and nausea.

      Experts add if the illness goes untreated, symptoms could last a few days to a month or longer, meaning you should see your doctor immediately if you think you have the stomach bug.

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