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      Nap causes home to go up in flames

      Around 3:54 a.m. Friday, Albany Fire Department received a call about a fire at 317 Station Crossing Drive.Deputy Fire Chief Ron Rowe says the fire started in the kitchen. He says one of the children living in the house admitted to cooking on the stove and falling asleep.He says, "you should always carry around a cooking utensil or anything that reminds you that you're cooking." He adds the most common kinds of fires in Albany and the nation starts in he kitchen.It took 3,000 gallons of water to extinguish the fire.The house suffered heat and smoke damage. One fire fighter was treated on the scene by EMS for heat exhaustion.The mother and her two teenagers living in home were displaced. The local Red Cross chapter assisting in helping.Damages from the homes totals about $30,000.

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