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      Naked man running down Slappey arrested

      The Slappey Streaker continued on a bit further down Slappey before being arrested.


      David Emanuel Mattison is charged with public indecency after sending Albany Police Department officials on a chase after him down North Slappy Boulevard on Thursday evening in the nude.

      According to the report, officials had already made contact with Mattison earlier in the day where he allegedly told them he suffers from mental issues and had been off his medication for some time.

      Officials say they were forced to tase Mattison in order to stop him after he repeatedly refused to stop running.

      UPDATE AT 8:00 P.M.

      Police arrested 26-year-old David Emanuel Mattison. He was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for an evaluation.


      Multiple 911 calls were received Thursday afternoon in reference to a naked man running down Slappey Boulevard.

      Police say he was quick and they had to tase the guy in order to arrest him. An ambulance came to the scene to remove the taser prongs from the man's skin.

      Officials are working to identify the man and say he will face a public indecency charge and possibly other charges.

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