NAACP, upset parents calling for Worth County Sheriff to be removed

A group of upset parents in Worth County are taking action./ Jazmyne Hankerson

A group of upset parents in Worth County are taking action after students were improperly searched at Worth County High School last week.

The Sylvester-Worth County NAACP held a meeting on Thursday night aiming to give parents and the community a chance to share their stories and understand what the investigation has shown so far.

Leaders say their goal now is very clear.

"The next step is the removal of sheriff Jeff Hobby," said NAACP branch president Benjamin Whidby.

Whidby said they plan to start that removal process on Friday by getting a petition ready then collecting 100 signatures.

The NAACP also brought in an attorney from the Southern Center For Human Rights, a civil rights group out of Atlanta, to talk to people and take notes about their personal stories.

“The goal is to remove the people…. who have caused us pain,” said Barbara Robinson, who has a daughter who was searched at the school. "The way we handle this is teaching our children how to handle conflicts.”

Whidby said the initial petition and meetings like this one is just the first step of many.

But he said they’re not stopping until they see this through.

“I doubt this fire ever burns out until he’s (Hobby) gone,” said Whidby.

Whidby said anyone who hasn't filed a complaint yet but needs to should take them to the GBI office in Sylvester.

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