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      NAACP to vote in new officers

      It's been a busy couple of months for the Albany-Dougherty chapter of the NAACP.

      With the ousting of former president William Wright, the group has been going through a reorganization period. On Thursday they announced they're getting ready to reelect new officers.

      Now the election will be held and whoever is elected will be officially representing the Albany branch of the NAACP, said Rev. Ezekiel Holley, of the NAACP.

      The NAACP won't just be voting for president. Positions are available for the entire leadership team.

      They TMre inviting all active members to run and vote, and there will be some heavy hitters in attendance from the national organization.

      The keynote speaker will be the Reverend Gil Ford from the national NAACP, Director of Unity Capacity Board of Baltimore Maryland, along with the Georgia state conference president Edward Dubose, said Holley.

      Those elections will be held this Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Temple of Hope Church of God and Christ on Sands Drive.