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      Music man will return to mall

      For the past five years Ronald Cetto has been playing his guitar at the Albany Mall for others to enjoy.

      He decided to pick up music when he retired and wanted to do something he knew would make others happy.

      Cetto says he plays classical music and sometimes children's songs outside of the mall and outside of Books A Million.

      The other day, however, Cetto was asked to leave by security personnel who claimed they received a complaint.

      This made Cetto very upset; to the point he considered leaving Albany and moving somewhere that people would appreciate his music.

      FOX 31 reached out to the mall, who then reached out to Cetto, saying it was all misunderstanding. They've invited Cetto to come back to the mall saying they appreciate his music and want him to continue.

      Cetto agreed to go back; he said he might even go back and play tonight.

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