Music festival in the works for southwest Georgia

SOWEGA Music and Arts Festival planned to be held at the Exchange Club fairgrounds in Albany, Ga. / Jessica Fairley

Plans are in the works for a new music festival in October to coincide with October's Flint Fest.

According to 340 Creative Group, they are have been working for the last six months on plans to bring an event to Albany called the SOWEGA Music and Arts Festival.

The group says that the Exchange Club Fairgrounds has been booked for October 12, 13, and 14th. These dates were picked to coincide with Flint Fest, creating what officials call "A Week of Music."

Music offered will included genres including rock, country and blues.

Justin Andrews, owner of the 340 Creative Group, says organizers are working to get local acts involved alongside national acts for three stages worth of music, but nothing has been set in stone as of yet.

"We're big supporters of local music. Most of your local acts will be involved hopefully if we can come to an agreement. As far as headliners are concerned, we're not at liberty to say at this point but there are some mainstream acts that will be on board for this event to help it grow," said Andrews.

Sam Shugart and Evan Barber are among those promoting the event.

Organizers say camping is available and so far they have booked over 40 RV hookups for the event.

They are planning to have over 50 vendors offering food and goods to festival goers as well.

Que 4 Kids, an agricultural show, a boat show, and a national arm wrestling camp are also set to be a part of the entertainment.

The scheduled event is set to be free for kids. Ticket prices have not been released.