Murder victim's family trying to cope

Witnesses say the fight that led to Williams' death started in this alley

The family of 12-year-old Shawn Williams is still reeling from his murder this weekend.

Williams' mother, who spoke with FOX 31 News off camera, says they'll get funeral arrangements in place Monday morning. Police say 14-year-old Ladrona Hamilton stabbed Williams once in the chest Friday night at the Cinnamon Trailer Park off East Broad Avenue. The 12-year-old Alice Coachman Elementary School student was pronounced dead at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Hamilton turned herself into police in Cordele. Williams' cousin, 13-year-old Hakeem Jones says he was there during the fight and says it started when Williams' threw rocks at Hamilton.

"I started running and then he started running behind, then he stopped at my auntie's house," Jones said. "They ran over there in the neighbor's yard so he was still bumping shoulders with her and I said, 'Come on Shawn, she's got a knife!'"

Hamilton is being held at Dougherty County Jail.