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      Multiple intentional fires in Albany raise questions

      Officials were called to a reported fire in a vacant home on South Jackson Street Wednesday afternoon and say it TMs the third intentionally set fire in the neighborhood in the past month and the second inside the same home.

      The intentionally set fires were only weeks apart and officials say the damaged homes not only attract more illegal activity but are hazardous as well.

      "The fire damaged buildings are a public safety matter and we do everything we can, given our resources and given the legal system, to get the buildings repaired or demolished in a timely manner," said Albany-Dougherty Code Enforcement Director Mike Tilson.

      Because the homes are vacant, the threat of the fire spreading is concerning if no one is there to call 911 until it's too late.

      "This is a neighborhood where people live and we're concerned about the safety of not only the people that are in there but the people that live in the surrounding duplexes, said Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator Sam Harris.

      The Albany Police Department is now working to investigate whether or not the fires are gang related and officials ask anyone living in the area to report any suspicious activity to prevent more crimes from happening.

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