Multimodal site design goes back to the drawing board

The commissioners looked into multimodal designs at the Tuesday morning meeting. / Colby Gallagher

The long awaited motion to move forward with selecting a design company for the multimodal site was proposed Tuesday morning.

"They looked at bids and came up with the best and most qualified bidder, usually that's the lowest bidder that's qualified, and they had a team evaluate it," said City Commissioner Roger Marietta.

The board vetoed the motion in a surprising 4-3 vote during the City Commissioner's board meeting.

"I was surprised because some of them will say we don't want to lose the funds. For me, it has not been that same kind of issue," said City of Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

If the motion was approved, negotiations with a Richmond, Virginia based company called Wendel would have began but Mayor Hubbard says she must listen to the public and not just spend federal money to spend it.

"I would think it would be a waste to put in a site where the people are not happy and where it's not convenient for them."

While Mayor Hubbard says she feels she must listen to the public's opinion, others say it's simply too much money to let go to waste.

Ii voted for it today because to do otherwise is going to cost us money. I think we've just thrown away $10,000,000 in federal funds," said Marietta.

For now, the board must work together to reach an agreement before next Tuesday's official vote.

"That's a big issue, to lose money at any point but then I think to spend money at a time when people are not going to use the facility, that's not good either. We're kind of in a catch 22 situation here," said Hubbard.

"We've missed the window to station somewhere else. I don't see a new station is even necessary at this point," said Marietta.

As of right now, it looks like the board some work cut out for them in order to do so.

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