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      Multi-million dollar housing project to hit the city of Ashburn

      City leaders were reappointed and a new multi-million dollar housing project was discussed at the first Ashburn city council meeting of the year.The housing project is valued at over $6.5 million and will include 11 buildings called Eureka Heights. This is the second year Ashburn submitted for this low income housing project with the Department of Community Affairs.The housing includes a full suite of appliances like while the exterior of the homes will have a walking trail as well as a community garden.Ashburn Mayor James Hedges is excited for what the project can do for the community. "We're going to have good, safe, affordable housing for fifty-six more families and some five to six million dollars goes in to the tax digest for not only the city, but the county and the board of education."Mayor Hedges continues to says this project should be starting in march or April of this year and that it may take up to a year to complete.