Multi-car accident on Liberty Expressway sends one to the hospital

Albany police say that 70-year-old Judith Phillips was traveling west on the Liberty Expressway when her Chevrolet Trailblazer started veering to right. Phillips then struck a guardrail which caused the vehicle to spin out of control.

Phillip's Trailblazer then entered the inside of the westbound lane and was struck by 56-year-old Edward Hammock in a Ford F-350.

Investigators say that Phillips' vehicle continued to spin out of control; whirling debris which struck and went through the windshield of the 39-year-old Marlo Newbill's Plymouth Voyager.

Authorities then say that Phillips' vehicle then crossed the median and entered the eastbound lane of traffic with the Trailblazer coming to a rest on the grassy shoulder on the south side of the east bound roadway.

Officials say that Newbill and Hammock suffered no injuries, but that Phillips had to be safely removed from her vehicle via the jaws of life. She has been transported to Phoebe with unknown injuries at this time.

Albany police say that accident remains under investigation.