Mowing through traffic, is it illegal?

A riding lawn mower / WFXL

For FOX 31's Facebook story of the day people wanted to know whether or not it's illegal to drive a lawn mower on the roadway.

Tuesday afternoon, on two separate occasions, people were fined for driving their lawn mower in traffic.

One male was even cited for a driving under the influence.

Officials say if you're caught using your lawn mower as a vehicle, you are subject to the same rules that a car has to adhere to.

Since lawn mowers have no tags, no signal lights, nor registration, it's against the law to operate it on the road.

"If it is used as a vehicle on a roadway people are opening themselves up to be charged with a city charge," said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Public Information Officer. Banks adds that a lawn mower would fall under the category of a motor vehicle; therefore for it to be driven on the street, it would have to be registered and have insurance and a tag just like all other motor vehicles that are driven on the city streets.

Violators will face misdemeanor charges for impeding traffic.

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