Moving Tribute for an ADP fallen officer

It's been six months since the Albany Police Department lost officer Terry Lewis-Flemming.

She was recognized for her sacrifice with her name being added to the blue knights motor cycle moving memorial.

It arrived in Albany to Saturday afternoon.

Her name will be added to list of over 600 officers from across the State of Georgia.

Ed Christian President of the Blue Knights Motorcycle club say's "one of the things that the family's wanted most was to have everyone remember the names and the only way that we felt we could do that is to carry the wall around the state of Georgia to see how many names that really is.

Before the wall arrived, the Albany Police department family and friends paid tribute.

I was hearkened today by the presences of the people out here that's a show of support. I think it shows her family and it shows the officers that other people out there that support them," Chief John Proctor, Albany Police Department.

Fox 31' talked to fallen officer terry- Lewis Flemming's brother about her name being inscribed on this moving memorial.

"This let me know that she was a hero,to me she was. You have some that come into law enforcement and some just give up and she didn't," She gave her all,Homer Cobb Brother.

Chief Proctor says this addition makes today special.

I think Terry would have appreciated that, knowing her, her smile. The things that she was trying to do in this community. I think she would have appreciated what occurred here today in her honor," Proctor.

This is just the first of many tributes and acknowledgements that the department and the family plan on participating in.