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      Moultrie residents to vote on Sunday alcohol sales

      The Moultrie City Council passed a referendum on Tuesday evening that will allow citizens to vote on whether or not they want to allow Sunday alcohol sales within the city limits.

      "By state law it takes a public referendum at a general election so this just starts that process to get it on the November ballot," said City Manager Michael Scott.

      Residents will have the ability to vote yes or no on whether or not to allow businesses or restaurants to sell alcohol on Sunday. If passed, businesses can ring up those sales from 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm and restaurants from 12:30 to midnight, but officials wanted the public to make that decision.

      "The city council's responsible to the people in the city and they want to hear what everybody has to say. Not everybody can come to council meetings, not everybody can contact them so the citizens are going to get to decide whether they are the ones that want it or not," said City Attorney Mickey Waller.

      Although businesses will have to wait until the election to see if they can sell alcohol on Sundays, one change that was enacted without a vote was the ability to sell on Thanksgiving.

      With no liquor sales on certain holidays in Moultrie, council members have received many complaints from restaurants saying they've had to close their doors rather than turn customers away, but this Thanksgiving those businesses will now be allowed to sell thanks to the motion.

      Officials say both motions may provide an economic boost with a rise in sales taxes and more stores opening their doors on Sunday, but they TMll have to wait until November to see how the vote goes.

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