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      Moultrie residents react to increasing crime

      According to Colquitt County Coroner Verlyn Brock, there has been a dramatic increase in violent crimes already this year compared to last year.

      Brock said in 2012, the Coroner's Office dealt with 140 cases total, but already this year they've had 80.

      He said most of the crime has been going on within the city limits of Moultrie rather than in the county, but there is still some crime going on out there as well.

      FOX 31 spoke to several residents who said they've seen and heard about the increase of crimes and it makes them scared to live there. One resident said she's seriously considering moving near her relatives in Florida, just because of the violence going on around her.

      Another resident said it wasn't enough to make him move but he does try his best to stay in the county and not go into the city unless he really needs to.

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