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      Moultrie public housing resident bringing in almost $70k

      FOX 31 went to Moultrie Monday to talk to residents of public housing about the information we found after open records requesting the Moultrie Housing Authority.In the list of all the tenants incomes there were six that were bringing in over $40,000 a year:$40,444$43,367$44,314$44,753$60,752$67,609Michael Boatwright, the executive director of the Moultrie Housing Authority, said, on the two highest incomes I noted that there are three adults in each household who are earning income which contributes to the high overall amount. In both cases, only one individual applied and was below the income limit requirements when we leased the apartment to them. Over time and for different reasons, they have added people to their lease who earn income and cause the total family income to be greater. In one case it is a mother, father and teenage son who are all employed. In the other, it is a young lady who added her mother and father to her lease. The young lady and mother are employed and the father receives Social Security Disability.But, the residents that FOX 31 spoke to didn TMt think that was any excuse, two women who have lived there less than a year said they had no idea there were people bringing in that much money and they both think those tenants should be asked to leave.One woman felt no tenant should be bringing in more than $1,400 a month and another said she thinks the cap should be no more than $2,000 a month.Boatwright stated in his email to FOX 31, I can certainly understand the concern of people in regards to some individuals being above the income limit, but as it stands now there are no policies in place that would allow us to have them move out of our properties for this reason.