Moultrie profits 5 percent boost from Sunday sales

Sunday sales help out Moultrie businesses. / Jessica Fairley

Sunday alcohol sales passed in Moultrie back in November and now the city is claiming a five percent increase in revenue.

Gwen Dozier at the Liberty Gas Station in Moultrie says customers are thrilled over Sunday alcohol sales.

"They help us out on Sunday because Sunday was one of our slow days," said Gwen Dozier.

Good sales for the gas station means profits for the city.

"It's still too early to say but we're probably experiencing overall about a five percent increase in revenue," said Mike Scott, Moultrie City Manager.

Mike Scott says there was almost an immediate shift in collections after Sunday sales passed in November.

In December 2012 the city collected $43,472. In December of 2013, they collected $46,649.

While November and December of 2013 saw an increase from the previous year, January's tax collections were down.

It's going to take six months to a year to see how Sunday sales taxes averages out and how they will use the money.

All taxes collected from alcohol sales go directly into the city's general fund.

These dollars can be used to help finance the city's police, fire, and public works departments.

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