Moultrie police search for man's killer

29-year-old Willie Bender, Jr. pictured with one of his five children

Moultrie police continue to investigate a weekend murder that left one man dead.

Police say a murderer is on the loose as they continue to investigate who killed 29-year-old Willie Bender, Jr. Albany police arrested a man Moultrie police believed to be a suspect Sunday afternoon. Commander Alfonso Cook says that man has been cleared for the murder. Cook says Bender was shot multiple times.

Police say Bender's girlfriend called 911, but it's unclear if there was someone other than the shooter and victim at the crime scene.

"We're still working out every lead that we can, and we're going through everything that we can get thoroughly before we can make any decisions on exactly what happened," Cook said.

Moultrie police are asking anyone with information to call Colquitt County 911 at 616-7430.