Moultrie meth manufacturers busted

Sheree McCall / Colquitt County Sheriff's Office

Update 8/23/13 12:55 p.m.:

According to officials, another person has been arrested and charged with meth-manufacturing.

Matthew Rogers was allegedly the fifth person in the car Saturday night and got away from police on foot.

They arrested Rogers Wednesday night after recieving a call that he threated to kill his girlfriend.

He was also charged with probation violation.

Original Story:
Four people were arrested Saturday in Colquitt County on meth-manufacturing charges.

The arrests came after a traffic stop. Officers stopped Theresa Owens after she pulled into two separate driveways in a short period of time and ran a stop sign.

The deputy smelled the odor of marijuana and was given permission to search the car and Owens' purse purse. He was also given permission to search Sheree McCall's purse.

He found a marijuana cigarette in the back seat and a bag containing chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine along the roadway. The bag was thrown out of the window as they were being pulled over.

Owens, Mccall, Gary Turner, and James Hewitt were all charged with criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamine. Hewitt was also charged with possession of marijuana.

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