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      Moultrie man gets less than he bargained for

      According to the Moultrie Police Department a Tifton man was robbed while in Moultrie by his escort.

      This man reportedly found the female escort, who goes by the name of "Tasty," on the website

      Police say the man met the woman at a hotel in the 1700 block of First Avenue in Moultrie. Once inside, they negotiated a price of $120.

      He then left the money on the dresser, went into the bathroom to undress, and once he came out the woman and his money were gone.

      The man told police she actually took $140. He also said he saw her drive away in a silver Chrysler PT Cruiser with another person.

      Cpl. Dave Underwood with the Moultrie Police Department said there is a little bit of a problem in the area with prostitution. Underwood says they have been pretty successful however in catching the people breaking the law.

      Underwood said it doesn't matter if you call it an escort service, or something other than the word "prostituation," its still illegal and you should'nt do it. He also warns people against meeting anyone on the internet because you can never be completely sure who you're talking to.

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