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      Moultrie hopes to save money with new trash containers

      Moultrie Public Works currently collects trash using one of the oldest methods in the southeastern United States, according to public works officials.

      Public Works Director Danny Ward is hoping to change that. Ward presented a study Tuesday to the Moultrie City Council showing the economic advantages of roll-out garbage containers compared to the city's 32-gallon, metal in-ground containers they currently have.

      He says because the containers are so small, public works has to run their service twice per week. Using a 96-gallon rollout container, people will only have to put their containers out once per week.

      Over a 10-year span, Ward says this will save the city more than $700,000. He says the city will need to purchase these rollout carts for about 4,500 households. Two of the trucks will be outfitted with "flippers" to flip the carts' trash into the trucks.

      "By the time you figure in the costs and the savings, it's going to be about $28,000 savings the first year," Ward said.

      There are many people, however, who like the way it's been done for years. The City Council is currently hearing all sides to make a decision moving forward.

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