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      Moultrie couple wants answers from fire department

      Myrtice and Herbert Whaley want answers from the Colquitt County Fire Department after they say they lost their home Wednesday night because the fire department didn't do everything they could to stop it."I don't understand," Myrtice said. "How are you going to come to a fire without water?"She says she and her husband, Herbert Whaley, were trying to put water from their hose on the fire to save anything they could at their home on Cool Springs Road."They were talking about don't keep spraying the water in the house and I'm like we're trying to save our house," Myrtice said.The blaze started in the fire place of the master bedroom just after 7 p.m. Wednesday night. The couple tried to put the fire out themselves but eventually called 911.Assistant Fire Chief Murray Barfield with the Northside Volunteer Fire Department says they did not have any fire hydrants near the property but the fire crew still had plenty of water."There were no hydrants," Barfield said. "The only hydrants we have that are close to that proximity are at Lowe's and Home Depot on Highway 37. Each tanker truck would dump their load and they would return to the hydrant, fill up and come back to us but we never ran out of water.""They didn't do right," Herbert said. "They didn't spray water where the fire actually was."Fire officials say they did what they could to get into the home without suffering any injuries. Meanwhile, the Whaley's are getting help from the Red Cross.They are staying in a hotel and have received many donated items from people in the community, including a hot meal. Herbert says he hopes to get electricity in the guest house, which did not receive much damage from the fire.The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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