Moultrie citizens get schooled on police life

Moultrie police graduate 13 people from its citizens academy. / Jessica Fairley

After years without the service, the Moultrie Police Department re-started its Citizens Academy.

Tuesday night 13 students celebrated their completion of the program with a graduation. Each student received a certificate for completing a 10 week program.

"Truly I learned so much. If didn't know how much I did not know," says Lesa Moser, Moultrie Police Citizens Academy Graduate.

Lesa Moser gave a speech before the crowd about her experience in the academy. She says when she started the program her idea of police activity was only what she saw on TV.

"We did find out that it's not as easy and technical as the TV show tells you it is," says Lesa Moser.

She says, through the Citizens Academy, she learned the police force is quite the opposite and this knowledge is something she and classmates learned firsthand.

"What they have done is gotten the chance to experience the different aspects of department from patrol to criminal investigations," says Frank Lang, Moultrie Police Chief.

The groups of 13 weren't only watching. They got involved.

"They were put in different scenarios to be able to learn how to learn how to hold a gun and how to stand, when to shoot and when not to shoot Noyoka Davis, Moultrie Police Officer and Citizens Academy Coordinator.

The experience wasn't only a benefit for those enrolled in the course, police officials are also walking away with the feeling of enlightenment.

"What we gain it is a world of knowledge from them. It's a partnership and this is one aspect of developing that partnership," says Frank Lang.