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      Moultrie, Albany Tech LPN programs top ranked

      Several local technical schools received high rankings recently.

      Simon Korpi, founder of, says they made the rankings more objective than subjective, basing it on data from government sources over the past five years.

      Korpi says there were many factors that will contribute to where a technical school falls within the rankings.

      Moultrie Technical College received the highest ranking in Southwest Georgia coming in at #6 in the state, Albany Technical College was #8, and Wiregrass Technical College in Valdosta ranked #14.

      The specific data they used isn't available but Korpi says they look at the NCLEX-PN exam pass rates on a scale from 0 to 100 percent along with the number of students who are in the programs.

      "We didn't use school data even though some schools said they could give us the data," Korpi said. "We can't do that because it then becomes unfair to other schools that don't give us that data and then it becomes incomplete so making it solely government-structured sourcing, we know we can be fair to the schools."

      The NCLEX-PN exams are used by state boards of nursing across the country for testing proficiency and granting licenses. Moultrie Tech had a pass rate of 94.61 percent while Albany Tech had a pass rate of 91.90 percent.

      Students in the LPN program at Albany Tech are offered a free exam review in their fifth semester. Currently, the Albany Tech LPN program holds a 100 percent job placement ratio with more than 100 students enrolled in the program this term.

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