Motorcade honors fallen Marine

Marines pay their respects for their fallen friend and fellow Marine. / Matt Prichard

A split second was all it took, and active-duty Marine, Ronald Alan Nabors was gone.

The 27-year-old was driving down Highway 300 when he crashed into the side of a semi-truck turning left into the Pilot gas station, while driving his motorcycle.

Today however, was a time for remembrance and mourning, for Nabors' friends and family.

Marines from around Southwest Georgia drove a motorcade down the same route that Nabors was driving this past Sunday, honoring his memory.

Those that attended say Nabors will be dearly missed and reflected on what this day would have meant to him.

"In terms of the ride, he wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Rain or shine, he would have wanted everyone to have been out here celebrating his life. He was headed to go riding with us, so we're just glad that we could be there for him today," said United States Marine, Sergeant Derrick Frensemeier.

Nabors was stationed at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany and officials described the news as "crushing" for every Marine on base.

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