Mother searching for missing teen daughter

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is looking for Faulk and Jones; Faulk ran away with Jones last week / Sarah Bleau

Updated Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 1:10 p.m.

After the story of Tana Mullis' search for her runaway daugter aired on FOX 31 at 10 Tuesday night, Kayln Faulk, 16, posted on Mullis' Facebook page.

"I'm relieved she's okay but with the information she and Andy (Jones, Faulk's 23-year-old boyfriend) gave me, it made me sick because the situation he's got her in is not good," Mullis says.

She says Faulk told her that she and Jones were willing to return but only if the charges being made by the Lee County Sheriff's Office are dropped. Sheriff Reggie Rachals says dropping the charges are not an option.

"The sooner he (Jones) comes back, the better off he'll be," says Rachals. Currently, Jones faces motor vehicle theft and interferring with custody charges.

Rachals says the Lee County Sheriff's Office has not been in contact with Faulk or Jones.

Mullis says Jones did call her shortly after noon on Wednesday to say that they were in the outskirts of New Jersey with no money and the 1999 burgundy Jeep Cherokee they drove missing. Mullis says Jones told her that he does want to bring Faulk home safe and that he is willing to face the charges against him.

FOX 31 News will continue to update this story as information is made available.

Original Story

"Families are supposed to stay together" is written in chalk on a board in the living room of a family's home that has been split.

It's what the nine-year-old brother of Kayln Faulk, 16, wrote after Faulk cleared the drawers in her bedroom and ran away on Sept. 21 with her boyfriend of four months, 24-year-old Andy Jones.

"He actually came across as very respectful and just loving to her, treated her pretty good, and he seemed to somewhat tell me he seen me as a mother," says Faulk's mother Tana Mullis of Leesburg.

Jones, who lived at Faulk's home with her mother, signed Faulk out of school that day.

"He was authorized to do so but that particular day he didn't have permission from the mom to do so," says Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Mullis gave Jones permission to sign out Faulk from school after she had a migraine at the beginning of the school year and needed picked up. Jones went to the school to get her.

"They called to make sure and I said 'Yeah that's fine'. And they said 'Do I need to put him on the list' and I said 'Yeah just in case something like this happens and I can't get her he can run up there and get her for me,'" says Mullins.

Mullis says in the days leading up to Faulk running away she didn't suspect anything; she says there was a prior argument but Mullins says she and her daughter made amends.

"We actually got into a disagreement about her not going to school or work and he was interfering with that so I said he needed to go so that she could go to school and go to work and that he could come over on the weekend and she didn't want him to leave," says Mullins.

When found, Rachals says Jones faces motor vehicle theft and interfering with custody charges. Rachals says additional molestation charges could be added as well because of the age difference between Faulk and Jones.

And it's not just Mullins and the Lee County Sheriff's Office looking for Jones; his probation officer could be looking for him as well according to Rachals.

"He's also on probation; his probation officer has been contacted. I don't have any word on what the probation officer is going to do," says Rachals. He says Jones was arrested prior to this incident but cannot release what he was arrested for to the media.

There is an open warrant out for Jones.

Mullis says she's not sure what she'll do when she sees Jones: A young man she says she once respected.

"I've lost all respect for him and I took him in my house and gave him water and lights and everything, and he wanted to do something like this," she says.

For now, Mullis says she's only thinking about finally hugging her daughter again.

"Please come home or call to let me know you're safe, and I love you so much and I just want you home," Mullis says.

Faulk and Jones are in a 1999 burgundy jeep Cherokee belonging to Mullis. If you know of their whereabouts call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 229-759-6034. You can also contact Mullis at 229-449-0577 or Mullis' parents at 229-432-5296.

Mullis says a she and a friend created their own "Amber Alert" about Faulk, which she says has led to information that Faulk may have been spotted in Ty-Ty and Valdosta.

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