Mother arrested for death of infant in trash can

Police arrested 20-year-old Deanna Denise Hammond in connection with the death of her newborn who was left in a trash can on Saturday

Child Death Team Investigator Greg Blackmon says they arrested 20-year-old Deanna Denise Hammond on Tuesday for allegedly leaving her deceased newborn girl in a garbage bin outside of her residence.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says the Albany Police Department is charging Hammond with one count of Concealing the Death of Another.

"The District Attorney's Office has brought another charge: We are also charging her with basically abandonment of a deceased body. This is under a special statute that addresses that particular offense," says Edwards. "It is against the law in effect to discard a human body in an improper way, and the allegation is that Hammond did in fact do this in this particular instance. That's why there's this additional charge in addition to Concealing the Death of Another."

District Attorney Greg Edwards says after they complete a forensic investigation and receive the final autopsy report, Hammond could face additional charges. After she receives additional charges -- if any -- Edwards says the case will then go to Grand Jury for review.

Blackmon says Hammond was taken to the hospital on Saturday for pregnancy complications after she had already given birth. He says Hammond's mother made the 911 call. Blackmon says Hammond later admitted at the hospital that the infant was in a garbage bin outside of her residence at 208 Collins Street.

Edwards says Hammond also has a six-month-old boy which means she conceived again soon after the six-month-old was born.

"Certainly the Department of Family Services is intervening in this investigation. That's part of what they will be doing and they will be looking into those issues," says Edwards.

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