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      Mother & son barely escape early morning house fire

      On Friday morning, fire crews with the Albany Fire Department to the scene of a house fire on Transvilla Parkway.

      Fire officials say when they arrived to the scene, they saw smoke coming from inside the kitchen.

      After interviewing the people inside the home, the occupant said she was cooking on the stove and fell asleep.

      She said she was awaken when her neighbor came to the house to tell her the house was on fire.

      The home suffered damage to the stove, vent hood, and cabinets.

      She and her six-year-old son escaped the fire unharmed.

      Battalion Chief Daniel Potter with the Albany Fire Department says, "when you're asleep you can't smell smoke or hear your smoke detector go off. Which means you have to be extra careful when you are cooking in the kitchen and not be distracted."

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