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      Most of DCSS money goes to keeping the lights on

      According to Dr. David Mosely, the interim superintendent for the Dougherty County School System, what they spend the most money on is employee salaries but besides that, the biggest chunk of their money goes to the Water Gas & Light Commission.FOX 31 looked into the top 10 vendors for DCSS which are:WG&L: $1,106,653.98ACC Distributors: $980,822.09GSBA Risk Management Fund: $507,637.53Classroom Technology Solutions: $361,548.00Jim Hinton Oil Co.: $353,541.35Mayfield Dairy Farms, LLC: $244,304.82Russell Ventures, Inc.: $235,107.84K-12 Solutions Group: $185,881.20Toshiba America Business: $128, 754.60Mitchell Electric Membership: $107,869.29Dr. David Mosely said these are all things the school system can TMt live without and all of these necessities were bid out. The vendors that won the bid are who they think will give them the best bang for their buck.DCSS Finance Director Kenneth Dyer explained that the system has over 30 facilities that use water, gas, and light and other technology related items that WG&L provides which is why so much of their money goes to them. Mosely said they have someone who TMs specific job is to monitor the use of electricity and make sure teachers and faculty members are cutting off lights when they aren TMt using them, and that no one is leaving water running so their bill is as low as it possibly can be.Another item on the list, Russell Ventures Inc., is the company that provided the furniture, fixtures, and equipment for Monroe High School. This item won TMt be on the list next year but Dyer says there will probably be something similar in its place due to all the renovations they TMre working on.Dyer pointed out that most of the vendors on the list are local which is important to the school system. If one bid is local but a little more than another bid, they give the local vendor an option to match the other price in an effort to keep as much of their money local as possible.

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