Mosquitoes can carry more then West Nile

It's not just West Nile that Mosquitoes can transmit. / FOX 31

The recent case of West Nile Virus in southwest Georgia has people on edge whenever they feel those pesky critters bite. In the Facebook story of the day you wanted to know if there are any other illnesses carried by mosquitoes.

It southwest Georgia, there are two other viruses, besides West Nile, to watch out for; those being Eastern Equine Encephalitis and La Crosse Encephalitis.

Both can cause flu like symptoms, and in worst case scenarios, brain swelling.

There is no cure for these, so Epidemiologist Jacqueline Jenkins, says prevention is key, "If you have to be outside during peek mosquito time, dawn to dusk, if you can wear long sleeves, pants, kind of cover up and put the repellant on the exposed skin"

It is also important to clear out stagnant water around your house; it acts as a breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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