Mosely takes steps to stay on as DCSS Superintendent

Photo Credit: File

Dougherty County Superintendent David Mosely has released the following statement regarding his employment status with the Dougherty County School System:

In an effort to fully comply with the rules and regulations of Georgia Teacher Retirement, I have decided my best option is to continue my role as interim superintendent as a part-time contract employee of the board, know in education as a "49-percenter," through June 30, 2014.

Parents, students and citizens can rest assured I will continue to give my best effort to improve the school district. I have communicated by the email to board members, below, my desire to continue serving in the capacity of interim superintendent.

Below is the email sent to the Dougherty County School Board:

This is to inform you that the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia did not accept the employment contract amendment you approved at the October 7th meeting. I have discussed this matter with Mr. Coleman and have asked him to prepare another amendment that provides for the following:

The employment cannot exceed 49% of the full-time hours of the position

A monthly salary of $7,145.83 (49% of the established full-time rate, per my original contract)

Reimbursement of actual living expenses (rent, travel, utilities, cable TV and internet)

Not only do I feel these proposed contractual arrangements will prove satisfactory to TRS and will allow us to proceed with the business of school improvement, I also feel the approval of these changes will provide some relief for those of you who are receiving negative feedback regarding my salary.