Morning accident in Putney sends one to hospital

An early morning accident on U.S. Highway-19 in Putney sent the driver of a pickup truck (above) to the hospital. / Doug Reardon

A small two car accident in Putney temporarily held up traffic on U.S. Highway 19 early Tuesday.

According to Dougherty County Police, a work truck towing a 20-foot trailer was traveling southbound on the Liberty Expressway when a small sedan pulled off of Broach Avenue. At that point, the truck struck the sedan from behind, then skidded across the median and overturned on the East side of the highway.

Sergeant Lee Reynolds of the Dougherty County Police Department told FOX 31 that only the driver was transported to the hospital. As of now, that driver's condition is unknown nor it is known if any others were transported to the hospital.

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