More than heat can kill your pet in the summer months

Protect your dog from fleas and ticks since they can prove fatal for smaller pets / Ashley Knight

Warmer temperatures may soon have your dog scratching. Fleas are flooding into the area and pet owners need to take precaution fast because they can be fatal.

Local vets say they have seen numerous cases of fleas, and occasionally ticks on pets because of the warmer weather.

"Animals will itch so bad that they have wounds, they can have severe wounds that get infected," says Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Curtis.

Fleas and ticks could be a more serious problem than you realize. If you own a small pet, they could literally drain your dog dry.

"Dogs can get anemic from it, which is low blood cells through blood loss," says Curtis.

Fleas can suck up to 15 times their own body weight in blood and six fleas and become a quarter of a million in just six weeks. And fleas do more than just bite. Their saliva can even trigger an allergic reaction.

"And these dogs or cats are extremely miserable when they have a flea bite. It only takes one to really set off an entire skin reaction on the body.

Your best bet--monthly treatments that cost about $20 a month. Worth the money if it means keeping your pet healthy for the long haul.