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      More than a dozen arrested during Grady County road block

      Drivers in Grady County were put to the test on Friday afternoon as dozens of officers joined together to catch offenders during a highly important time to enforce.

      "The biggest numbers for fatality wrecks happen around the holidays and this is the week right before Thanksgiving that we're fixing to have an increase in impaired drivers and traveling motorists," said Lieutenant Donna Langston with the Thomasville Police Department.

      The directions were simple: ask each driver to provide an ID and make sure their license plate is valid, but within an hour of setting up, one of the groups had already made one arrest for not having a license, towed multiple cars who were uninsured or had expired registration, had to call an escort to take an unrestrained 4-year-old home and performed a search warrant using a drug sniffing dog.

      Officials say road blocks will make the roads safer not only the day of, but for weeks to come as people understand police are highly visible and cracking down.

      "Law enforcement visibility means a lot. It diminishes a lot of things. The more visibility, the more they know you're out here, the less they're going to be out and about," said Captain Bruce Womble with the Cairo Police Department.

      By nightfall, more than a dozen drivers were behind bars and over 30 motorists were issued a ticket for breaking the law. Officials say as they perform more checks throughout the season, they hope those numbers will go down quicker than your gas tank can.