More than 2,000 pieces of stolen ammunition recovered

DCP says they recovered more than 2,000 pieces of stolen ammunition

An 18 year old turned himself in to police after Dougherty County police issued a warrant on him in connection to 2,000 pieces of stolen ammunition investigators found.

Brandon Jenkins turned himself in at approximately 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, police say. Jenkins is charged with burglary and theft by taking after police recovered the ammunition, a flat-screen TV, a Wii game system and various knives. Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick with DCP says Jenkins was previously incarcerated on similar charges.

Kirkpatrick says they plan to file juvenile complaints against four 16-year-olds because the police department cannot file arrest warrants on the juveniles.

He says the stolen items were found by investigators at a residence in the 4800 block of Pinto Drive. Kirkpatrick says there have been between 25 and 30 robberies over the summer in that neighborhood in Putney on streets including Impala, Pinto and Mustang.

Dougherty County police found the owner of the ammunition but are still looking for the owners of the rest of the items. Kirkpatrick says the serial numbers on the back of the flat-screen have been scratched and melted off.

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