More teaching tribunals may be ahead

Dougherty County School Board members begin discussion on teacher tribunal hearings. / Matt Prichard

School board members were also discussing the potential for more teacher tribunal hearings in the coming months.

Interim Superintendent, Dr. David Mosely says there are potentially 10 to 12 teachers inside Dougherty County that will be losing their teaching license within the coming year.

Mosely says unlike past tribunal hearings, the board is considering a different route to hear these cases.

"My suggestion was that we go to an outside tribunal to eliminate all the contacts and personal feelings of our board members," said Mosely.

The issues has been tabled for the time being and will be revisited at the board's next scheduled meeting. Also discussed was the potential school closures that have raised the attention of many in the community.

However commissioners spent limited time discussing the issue and continue to say that they're keeping all options open for consideration.