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      More stray dogs leads to more bites in Southwest Georgia

      Stray dogs are become more common in Southwest Georgia.

      It TMs a big problem, a very big problem. The bigger this county gets the worse the animal problems get, said Jackie Grigg of Lee County Animal Control.

      Animal control officers say they are seeing more of them and because of that they are seeing more dog bites, but not the kind you might expect.

      A majority of it is a dog attack another dog or a dog kills a smaller dog, said Grigg.

      But that doesn't mean the mean they don't see their share of dogs going after people.

      At least two dogs biting people a month. The mauling of a person is not real current here. But the more strays we have on the streets, it's going to become more of a problem, said Grigg.

      Officials say they see new stray dogs every single day and they barely have enough pens to hold them all. There are 38 pens at the Lee County facility. Thirty-seven of them are filled. Thirty-four of those dogs are stray.

      Tamara Piercey has been handling dogs for most of her life. Now she works at Magnolia Pet Resort. She says it doesn't take much to set off a stray dog.

      You have to constantly domesticate them. And you can never 100 percent remove that wildness from them, said Piercey.

      If you do come across an aggressive stray, what you don't want to do is run.

      What you want to do is just stand very still, let him check you out let him sniff you. And hopefully he'll just get bored with you and move on, said Piercey.