More light shed on closure of downtown post office


The historic Post Office and Courthouse downtown on Broad Avenue announces it has extended its lease by six months.

The lease was set to end on December second.

Property Manager Frances Krack believes it was to give them more time to get a private sector in.

They recently have seen interest from a Mailboxes, Etc.

the post office was set to close the day the lease ended.

Johnny Williams, a concerned citizen, visited the City of Albany commission meeting to urge them to save the downtown post office.

Williams says it would be greatly detrimental to downtown businesses that use the post office for P.O. Boxes and order letterhead with the Broad Avenue address on it.

City Manager James Taylor says he spoke with the local postmaster who said the decision came from Washington D.C. and was a result of financial troubles. The postmaster gave Taylor contacts in Florida and Texas and Taylor says they will work those contacts to see what options are out there to keep the post office open.

The post office is set to close December 2.

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