More changes for Albany bus routes

Maps of proposed changes. / Jessica Fairley

Now that the Albany Transit System has ended Sunday service, they're looking for other ways to become more efficient with operation costs.

A public meeting was held Wednesday at the Welcome Center in downtown Albany to let residents know what they're plans are.

"We won't be cutting routes in but we are evaluating all of our routes. What we're trying to do is be more efficient. We don't want our buses travelling down roads and we're not picking up passengers," says David Hamilton, Albany Transit System Director.

Transit officials are considering cutting the brown route and Cooper Tire route short, while implementing flex routes.

"We'll still provide service for those areas by allowing those passengers to call in with a reservation and we'll make sure that we meet their transportation needs," says Albany Transit System Planner Tennasha Gresham.

Strive 2 Thrive volunteer William Hancock says many of the families that he works with use the bus system and they often find there are barriers that slow them down. He says by gathering new information, It just may help their situation.

"We're going to take a route the new bus routes and the existing bus routes and overlay that and at that point we're going to give them a map and show them how they can connect up with the transportation system here in Albany," says William Hancock.

Transit officials say the proposed changes are not set in stone, however if approved, it would be more than a year before the changes are implemented.

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