More arrests made in copper theft ring

Albany Police arrested and are searching for more suspects in connection with a copper theft ring

Thanks to the help of those calling in tips, Albany Police have made more arrests in connection with a copper theft ring.

Rasheen Wheeler was arrested at the end of October and is charged with theft by receiving stolen property, false statement, dumping egregious litter and theft by taking, a felony. In this particular case, "dumping egregious litter" refers to the burning of the wiring done to access the copper.

Now, his cousin Angel Wheeler has been arrested for misdemeanor obstruction in relation to the copper theft. Angel was released on bond.

Warrants are out for Monica Swan and Richard Byrd Jr. for dumping egregious litter in connection with the copper theft.

"We're asking when you do call in and state that the copper wiring belongs to you or allegedly belongs to you, we need you to be more specific as to the type of wiring that was either taken or stolen," says APD Detective Schemika Foster.

Albany Police are specifically looking for information about fiber optic wiring. If you have any tips regarding copper theft, call Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS.

APD says people need to continue labeling their copper materials so it is easier to trace when a copper theft occurs.