Moore Medical Center receives banner from Phoebe Sumter

In an effort to show support for a hospital that had a similar fate of its own, Employees of Phoebe Sumter Medical Center in Americus recently reached out to employees of Moore Medical Center in Moore, Oklahoma, which was destroyed in late May by an EF5 tornado that ravaged Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Many of the employees of Phoebe Sumter Medical Center knew exactly how they felt. Their hospital, then known as Sumter Regional Hospital, was also destroyed by a tornado in March 2007.

Phoebe Sumter recently opened a brand new facility in December 2011, and wanted their fellow healthcare workers in Oklahoma to know that there is hope despite the current uncertainty and devastation.

As a result, Phoebe Sumter employees and people from the Southwest Georgia community signed a banner that gave uplifting and encouraging messages to help raise the spirits of those affected by the tornado. In addition, close to $1000 was raised to help aid those who were affected the most by the storms.

According to a Norman Regional Health System representative, of which Moore Medical is a part of, the banner was a big hit with the employees.

"When we unrolled it and saw your message and all the wonderful words of support and encouragement, it brought tears to our eyes," said Anne Clouse, Foundation for the Norman Regional Foundation. We extend our thanks to all the wonderful employees at Phoebe Sumter Medical Center. This is such a special gift!

The banner is hanging right outside the Foundation office in one of the main hallways of Norman Regional, where many of the employees of Moore Medical Center are now working.

"The employees especially love the message from the Phoebe Sumter employee from Lawton, OK that is an "Okie" at heart," said Clouse. "Again, we can't thank the staff at Phoebe Sumter enough for their support. Their compassion for our employees and community during this difficult time continues to amaze us all!"

The support from Southwest Georgia is not ended, as there will be additional funds going to Oklahoma very soon.

That's because the entire Phoebe Putney Health System, of which Phoebe Sumter is a part of, is holding a blue jean fundraiser from now until July 26th. Employees have a chance to purchase stickers and all funds will be donated to the relief efforts for the employees of Moore Medical Center and their families.

"We are delighted that we were able to put smiles on their faces during this extremely tough time," said Marcus Johnson, Marketing & PR Director for Phoebe Sumter Medical Center. "We are also thankful that the entire Phoebe Putney Health system has gotten on board to help the people of Moore and especially our fellow healthcare workers. We all know that it could happen to anyone, just like it did to us and those in Joplin, and it is only right that we extend help to them after so many people did the same for us in 2007."

If you would like to help those who were affected by the storms in Oklahoma, please go to

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