Moody Air Force Base issues statement on shutdown

Moody Air Force Base has issued a statement on the government shutdown and how it affects them. / MGN Online

The following statement was released by Moody Air Force base on the government shutdown:

As a result of Congress failing to approve a budget or continuing resolution, the government shut down Oct. 1. However, military operations and activities that are essential for national security will continue.

Military personnel on active duty and excepted Department of Defense civilians at Moody Air Force base continue working during the shutdown, while civilians who support non-accepted activities have been placed on emergency no-notice and unpaid furlough. Military members will take up additional duties as required in the absence of our furloughed civilians.

The United States has, on previous occasions, faced government shutdown as a result of Congressional disagreements on the federal budget. It is distressing to see our civilian teammates suffer furlough again. This situation creates serious uncertainty and has severe and disruptive financial effects on an already stressed workforce. Every member of the Air Force team is important in accomplishing the mission.

"Each and every member of Team Moody is important, regardless of their status under a furlough," said U.S. Air Force Col. Steven Ramer, 23d Wing vice commander. "This is extremely disruptive to the Air Force, but we anticipate this will be quickly resolved and pledge to do all we can to assist you and your families during this difficult time."

Moody officials add that about 250 civilians will be non-excepted and placed into furlough status while an additional 200 or so will be excepted and continue to work alongside active duty Airmen.