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      Monroe High students trade their textbooks for a ballot

      Students at Monroe High School traded in the textbooks for the ballots on Thursday and exercised their right to vote.

      14 students boarded a van that took them to the Candy Room downtown to vote. Most of these students are just barely eligible to vote -- but that doesn't mean they're not excited.

      Torrey Poindexter says this is their chance to voice their opinions and he is excited to be joined by other classmates in their first voting experience.

      Juanita Anderson, a teacher at Monroe, says she organized this event as a way to provide the means for students to exercise their right and get them involved.

      These students aren't the only ones taking advantage of early voting -- Alan Pendleton of the Dougherty County Board of Elections says between the Voter Registration Office and the Candy Room they're taking in around 800 voters a day.

      Pendleton says the presidential election always causes more interest from the public but these are high numbers for our county and the office hopes to see them continue.

      Early voting will run every Monday through Friday until November 2nd -- those who can't make it during a work week can take advantage this Saturday, the only weekend day open to voters.